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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
So in having asked about that cruiser build, I suppose I should ask about my RSV build. I used to run a tranScort (but like most of my toons, I get bored and delete them). I'm thinking about trying to go for more longevity in builds/toons - so thoughts on this one would be appreciated:


Sci Captain - 2 SDO/BFI, 1 Projectile, 1 Deflector, 1 Gravmetric

Skill Build:

Fore: 2x Rapid Reload Trans, 1x Breen Trans Cluster
Aft: Tric Mine, Trans Mine, Breen Trans Cluster


EPtS1, AtS1
JTS1, SS1, TR2, GW2
PH1, HE2, TSS3

Deflector: Breen
Engine: Borg
Shields: Breen

Tac: 3x Transphasic Compressor
Eng: Emergency Force Fields, Neut
Sci: Borg, Biofunction Monitor, Shield Emitter, Emitter Array

Devices: SFM, Engine-Aux batteries

I goobered the skill build and locked myself out of GW3 (something that I'll fix on a reroll). One of the things I was thinking about for a build like this was working toward the AKHG with S7...
im not a sci expert, but i can tell you you want to have lots of gravaton spacing so TBR and GW pull and push as hard as possible. also they consoles that heal and protect crew, worthless, load up on 4 grav consoles instead and send people flying or pin them completely.
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