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Originally Posted by ilhansk View Post
In some of the videos that we at Turkish RP Heroes uploaded you can here our Teamspeak chitchat.

Here an example.

@ilhansk - InnerCircle / Turkish RP Heroes -

I watched the first one and its pretty much what im trying to tell people to execute. Though I have some comments on the match.

6.00 : You guys were hitting Svarog way too much and for way too long. The whole team had their mindset on keeping him alive. Should have switched to a different target as all their heals were exhausted, and the fact 1 snb was at the ready. Delta at the same time got very unlucky with a shield proc.

8.26-->: Same error. Staying on one target for too long and get rewarded by loosing Lector in the process. Thales was not killed.

11.00--->: Yet again same error. Focusing too much time on Svarog. He`s got tons with buffs and is hard as a nut to crack. Should have switched earlier.

11.30: Perfect example to illustrate why reliance on RSP is ultimalty futile.

1820-->: Thats textbook execution of snb chaining. Well done.

Anyway it was a very good match, a close one, but with many of the same mistakes which could have shortend the battle time. Another thing which is really much preference to each fleet is that coms is littered with what people do, like activating photonic fleet, scanned. Thats really not relevant in comparison to when the next SNB is ready. So coms could have been more clearer. But damn i sound harsh... but yet kudos for a well played match.
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