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Originally Posted by archoncryptic View Post
You're very welcome. I'm a big fan of melee combat, too. I'm glad the changes are working out.
Yeah the changes are so awesome compared to how it was that I was pretty much thinking it would get nerfed but its so fantastic the way it works now. It also helps out being that you can pick up a melee weapon and the eng and sci's aren't extremely limited to how it was near useless using them with those classes before

The only improvement to it I see is the swords could have a smoother motion to them where sometimes if you aren't in a specific position to the target it can feel choppy where you have to hit a melee attack button several times before it will land one.

Overall though I appreciate all the hard work that has gone into improving it

Edit: (Didn't see the original post about boffs to quote it lol) As far as the boffs unless those orions are male and those others if they have melee bonus which most of those aliens and borg ones don't its more of an AI issue with the boffs kind of like how the grenades wouldn't work after season 4.

That is a viable improvement too working on their AI for using melee weapons but for when we do STF's the changes so far I like using Klingon Science Officer with an elite fleet klingon bat'leth with the physicist kit it makes it a lot of times where people have a hard time in ground stfs keeping agro from me with all the shield penetration.

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