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I actually crated my own, which I apply to all of my characters, except for my TOS Captain and my Temporal Ship Captain.

I use the Academy uniform, with a TNG style colorset. Single color for the entire tunic, with the piping at mid chest being black. Then the uniform pants are black. And I use the Alternate Future commbadge.

To me, this uniform, colored in this way, makes for a believable successive uniform to the "All Good Things" era uniform. Additionally, I color any cadets I have on board, to match how they are down at the Academy, so it actually feels like Starfleet when I beam down there for dailys and such.

Additionally, my dress uniform is a variant of this, where the tunic is all white, and the piping is the department color.

A picture:

For a flag officer, I add the Jupiter Belt to the ensemble, similar to how Flag Officers during the Dominion War used a belt.

Now, granted, this is not canon to the show, since no actual canon exists for this time period, but in this case I created a personal canon, and I abide by it for all characters for this time period.
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