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Originally Posted by xantris View Post
No, this is a video game that takes places 30 years after the vesta prototype was built. They just need to worry about releasing Klingon ships instead of deliberately favoring one faction while flipping the other side the bird.

If that's not financially viable(which I find laughable, modeling and importing these designs is not that expensive, especially for the non-canon Klingon ships), then they need to change the game model so that both sides can use all content.

I'd personally be embarrassed if this was my company. You don't just tell one subsect of clients "too bad" because you screwed up by dropping the ball from the very beginning, That's so disgustingly low of a business practice that I can't even fathom it.
Well spoken though I prefer the faction remain seperate.

Seperate up the games levels that is until endgame when the Iconian puppetmasters are known of as reason why the Borg attack, the Undine strike and all choas is loose. The player through ardiuos and deadly missions has seen the proof of it, informed his superiors of the plot and as a high ranking fleet officer, now fights the enemy alone or alongside allies in the quadrant at his leasuire.

Or so I would say if STO played anything like that. Way too many holes in the fed and KDF storyline progressions to inform the player of what to expect at endgame.

[quote=travelingmaster;6361951]Exactly. All the KDF community has really been asking is we be treated like equals, with equal attention and resources devoted to the faction and it's unique content.

The KDF faction has never had that. It's been neglected and left behind from the start, and the spoiled fedbears mock us for complaining about it.
Feh. pay the mockery no attention. Do not feed its existance.
The feds can mock and tease all they want because they sit in a position of importance as the most numerous fans over the rest of us. As much as Cryptic is forced to feed them and quote numbers on us versus them and "the why", the feds have used the same numbers to rub our noses in our fandom. S it happens, they out number us.
Those whom mock will always act so. Some have even said its thier prefered STO related entertainment when the game is slow. They're just being petty fans.
Its Cryptics fault why the KDF is not complete yet.

Now the KDF is well behind on numbers and popularity (due to mismanagement of this game from the start). . .and Cryptic/PWE, in their divine wisdom, have decided to use an idiotic catch-22 argument to justify not putting enough effort into the KDF side of things. At best, we get a knockoff 'counterpart' piece to a new Fed ship or mission. . .at worst, we get nothing while the Feds get more than they can possibly have a need for. All the while, everything that made the KDF unique is slowly being given away to the Feds.
The idiotic catch-22 of why no support is a good description. WE KDF are fans of the IP. We have money, we just do not ravenously devour every new thingy thrown our way.

I like the fact we got knock off counter ships most times the feds got a new ship. I like the 1000 day veteran ship and the BortasQu vessels. I like the fact (but not the pricing or the missing ships) we got Fleet vessels. I had hoped they had a KDF Vesta vessel or at least now are thinking of making one.

We KDF (imo) are not really hurting for vessels to fill roles with in gameplay. what we really need is more Toon and Vessel costume choices, a level one start with a much better Tutorial and those other little things that breathe life to a faction and let a player have fun with thier characters.

As to what we've lost, it sucks. I knew the consoles would become cross faction eventually as they said as much before they released them ingame. Carriers was a hit we knew was going happen when the first cry went up years ago. Other than that there is not that much deviation in ship layout between the two factions to matter. Now anyway.

I just know they're gonna eventually give the Feds an option for the battlecloak, and 'counterparts' for the KDF battlecruisers to 'even the odds'.
The BC, Kahless I hope not.
The KDF Battle Cruisers match up is already in effect with the new Heavy Escort Carrier, the Vesta and the new time ships - in my opinion.

If Cryptic wishes to ignore a part of the fanbase then my wallet will be closed, but I do intend to wait a see if they actually continue to ignore us. I don't have to spend any money while I wait.
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