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then you should be putting 3 to 6 points in subsystem repair if you want to keep them, crew's only function is to get subsystems repaired quick, and if you put focus on something, you should min/max as hard as you can. i would slot as many grav gens as you can too, the skills you use offensively you want working as good as possible.
Hull Repair, Subsystem Repair, as well as other things...

The Subsystem Repair thing I've always kind of thought of as a waste - it's useless without crew and if you have the crew, it's not really that much of a boost. It's a middle-ground thing - if you've got half your crew, then SSR would help. The more you slide either way, the less useful it feels...

With TBR, I use it to push somebody away from a healer or a healer away from somebody they're healing... hit TBR, Evasive, Eng Battery... they PH/APO, Subnuc them and keep pushing.

The GW/TR are mainly anti-fighter spam - as well as general battlefield spam.

The focus on damage comes from the mines/torps. Head toward the target, fire a spread, fire a cluster, DPB, they'll want to turn to pursue, fire the rear cluster, and just fly around them and around them as the trans eat their hull - often leaving them exploding with full shields.

I used to fly a Sci in a Patrol Escort using a similar build - but I wanted something that could drop some spam for fighters and went with this... I lost overall single target damage, but I have fun taking out carrier spam.

Wish it worked worth a damn against ASDs - but since I mainly go FvF, it works great against ADRs.