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Originally Posted by weylandjuarez View Post
My Sci on the other hand flies a Kar'fi and the 1000-day ship - the vet ship has 2 x Neutronium Alloys + 2 x Field Generators and my Sci's specced into hull and shields - even so this ship feels likes it's made out of balsa - the Kar'fi on the other hand has no alloys (I favor turn rate there) and seems to hold it together a lot longer than the Peghqu'
The shield mod difference between the Peghqu' (.833) and the Kar'fi(1.2) is pretty large if you're tactical mode with the Peghqu' even with 2x gens. If you're using the Phase Shift the Kar'fi will gain a further lead in tankiness. Plus, you're likely draw a bit more aggro in tactical mode with the Peghqu', extra crits from accuracy bleed over will attract more attention, and you have no fighters providing a distraction.

Edit 2: "Shield Modifier: 0.833" for Peg... oww. that'd be why it's so fragile, I guess it's a balance trade-off for the battle-cloak.

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