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11-01-2012, 03:16 PM
I am gettin close to the 300 mark in crafting and lost count of the Bio-Function and Stealth Modules I have recieved along with Pre-fire chambers. It seems that the same 4 crappy consoles appear over and over. Every now and then an armor appears. (But never Nutronium) and I have gotten 2 Poloron and 2 Tet consoles but never Disruptor, Phaser or Antiproton. I woulden't mind Blue consoles if they were just something besides crappy Sci consoles over and over. I stopped useing Stubbord doffs and went to Efficent and started getting more Eng consoles than before. Perhaps the Cunning trait is what drops more Tac consoles. The KDF has some Orion ENg doffs with resolve and Cunning. I may start crafting on my Klingon to see if it makes a difference.