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Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
Then read
"Diplomatic Implausibility"
"The Brave and the Bold" book 2
and the IKS Gorkon novels

that should be enough justification for such a ship.
Heh, the Qang class was *exactly* what sprang to mind when the question of the KDF answer to the Vesta popped up. Like the Vesta, it's a long-range exploration ship, with the caveat that it's meant to conquer what it finds . And since it's basically a modified Vor'cha, the art assets are already there.

That said... after another 5 seconds, what would be great is a proper T5.5 Bird of Prey. Take the Vesta's logic and apply it onto a BoP frame - better turn and battle cloak, but weaker shields / hull. The BoP is an iconic Klingon style and really deserves to be somewhere in the top tier of ships.