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# 1 I traded all
11-01-2012, 03:30 PM
I traded all chars Only have one left my main char and a Borg klingon Im building up.
I allways played KDF chars just because I like to be klingon .
No Im not going to cry about the fact KDF is low on stuff don't be afraid sir.
Because also for KDF theirs going to be plenty to do when season 7 arives.
But now we do talk about it in case you have noticed it no mather where I look for the credits you almost don't make any unless you spend a lot off stuff from C-Store sell it on Exchange and from the DOFF missions you get Credits but other then that nothing.


You guys been on tribble have you seen the romullus sectors man it's awsome no other words I can find for it now you realy feel you are out there in space .
Cryptic you done a splented job on this. But why stop here why don't you make all the sectors like that ??


Man you have to see this for your self introduction spoken you see o no Im not going to tell you, On this part again cryptic I see a lot of love on the job here it's so cool.
Well keep on rocking cryptic !!!

Greets J.Kirk