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11-01-2012, 04:59 PM
I was just using food cost as an example, that people just dont have that kind of cash laying around. By cash I mean 30 bucks for a ship. Something needs to be done for sto to become something. Right now its only surviving. They can add all the content they want, but as long as they are charging people 30 bucks for best art in the game, no new player in their right mind would play sto.

At some point for this game to become something it has to move beyond hard core star trek fans. Lets look at the Excalibur for example. She was supposed to be the top notch patrol cruiser for the Federation. Now with the constitution refit out, the constitution refit not only looks better, but is larger then the Excalibur. The new art on most of these new ships are way better then the old ones. Its not like they would be giving them away for free. The person would still have to pay 15 bucks a month. If cryptic put a lock in the game, like say if they stopped subbing, they wouldn't be able to launch those ships, that would make sense.

They really need to give the new player something good from beginning to end, or they wont stick around, because 30 bucks is steep. Endless grinds ware down a player more then anything in a mmo.