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11-01-2012, 04:01 PM
I feel like cruisers are tanky enough, I can run my ship right through clouds of bad guys and come out the otherside scorched but still fighting. That feels epic.

But I think the beams vs cannons and their associated powers need to be tweaked a bit.

If "Fire at Will" could function more like cannon scatter volley that would help a lot. Maybe if you have a target selected FAW would concentrate the extra shots in a cone, but if you deselect targets you get the disco ball? I'm just tired of seeing shots hit things like gates and other random targets that I'm not focussed on, overall I feel like I'm doing less damage to my targeted enemy that way.

It's sad when a FAW, followed up with a Torp Spread is less effective than a cannon/turret build using cannon scatter volley.