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And what better way to start off a new thread, then with a list of 26th Fleet inspired Foundry missions?

By Brysan:

Captains Table Brysan
Based on the 'Captain's Table' concept of short stories, the author asks for your feedback!

By Praka:

26th Fleet - Boarded by Klingons
- Adapted from an RP mission I ran last year, you start off on a bridge with Starfleet and Klingon NPC's having a wonderful firefight! This mission is good for RP, and you can now actually transition from the bridge to Deck 6 to complete the mission!

26th - Sea of Sorrows Ep. 1
- Grab your fighter or shuttle, and try this recon mission out! Lt. Praka is secretly assigned to scout the neutral zone and discovers a significant find!
- WARNING - In a small craft, this is hard. Get your game on =)

26th - Sea of Sorrows Ep. 2
- It is time to retake the USS North Dakota from the True Way! Strap in, lock and load, because this will test your space and ground combat, and, importantly, your Roleplaying skills!