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11-01-2012, 05:44 PM
The girlfriend reminded me it's just a game - and - it is. It's something I can forget about when I zone out in PvP... I've snapped at her, pissed her off, and had to go buy her a shake a few too many times. I really get into it - haven't gotten into PvP like this since Shadowbane.

The gist of what I was saying is - it's not a case of having to grow a pair with some of the crap here - it should just be a case of being able to put them on ignore.

This isn't a job.
This isn't family.

We shouldn't have to put up with the childish BS at times...

...that simple.

There's folks that might lose it every now and again, and I think we tend to cut them some slack. There's folks on the other hand... yeah, /ignore would work great for them and make this a better place.