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Originally Posted by masterkamp View Post
I don't stop you. All i say is this uniform is supposed to look like this. If cryptic want it to be TNG/DS9 diplomatic uniform. They had make the uniform in the first place. but they didn't.

And if you want a special TNG/DS9 Uniform. count me on. But some people are wanna play with this version. And some don't.
They say the unform is supposed to look like this... because they were too lazy to design a proper Diplomat uniform. They took the late DS9/TNG film dress uniforms and ever so slightly tweaked things, and then they said its "inspired by" the TNG film dress uniforms. They didnt even change the pants from the TNG flim dress unifoms, just the jacket...

Inspired by would be the difference between the Countdown comic uniforms and the Sierra 1 uniforms... this is just blatant laziness. It should be fixed, and there should be a proper 2409 style uniform made.