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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
Can this not turn into an Escorts vs Cruisers thread please. There are already about a hundred or so of those. I would prefer this stay Cruisers ONLY. Thank you.
1st sry for mi english.

Realy sry maybe i need a lot more of practice with mi english.

Mi intention is not match a escort or overpower a escort.

I only wish a more effective crucier to fly with, and a think what the cruciers most cover the role of bomber i give up the +5 to wep and aux for more competive torpedos

and be honest what can do a crucier with only a Lt tac or Lt + ens tac. this is what the fans of TNG get and if u are a follower of the galaxy class like mi yuo only get a Lt tac for a Flag ship ok i pay for a glaxy X and what i get a Lt + ens Tac ( the posibility of load DHC is only cosmetic with only 6? of turn rate....

is mi opinion dont want ofend any one.