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thats a pretty good skill build, i would make a few changes though. ether use all energy weapons, or spec fully into projectile skills. i prefer the former myself. drive coil really doesn't do anything to help you in combat, a pvp build tends to leave that empty. battery can be pretty nice to have speced though, even 3 into adds a nice bump to their duration.

i always max impulse thrusters, thats a buff to your turn rate after all. electro-plasma systems is a buff to how quickly your subsystem energy recharges and how much energy you get from EPtX skills. max that. i tend not to put more then 3 in ether efficency or potential, the gain from each of those is very small. you should put some skills into engine performance though, 6 i suggest. speed to an escort is everything, its position in battle and its evasion score.

with regards to armor, you get greater return on defense added by putting 3 into threat control and 3 into hull plating. you get more total energy resistance then that way then you do with 6 just in plating, plus you get a bit of kinetic resist. i don't think you need much in the way of hull armor, its the energy damage in pvp you need to worry about most. aux in an escort is important fro the small number of heals they have available, AtS, HE and TSS are all aux based, id put at least 3 into that.

if you want to get a fleet escort, consider carefully between the fleet patrol, and fleet escort (saber). the fleet ships based off tier 2 and 3 ships seem down on stats a bit, they have the nice 10th consoles, but their shield mod is usually sub par. BUT, i have found all tier 2 and 3 vet ships have a hidden chunk of bonus hitpoints thats undocumented, and as a result shields with lower capacities like borg, omega and maco end up having more hitpoints on tier 2/3 fleet ships then tier 5 fleet ships. basically, the fleet saber with a maco will have more hitpoints then a fleet patrol with a maco, and the saber has 1 better turn rate too.
Alright, so if I understood you correctly something more like this?