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Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
I have stated many times in many threads that I would love a Klingon style c-store ships - maybe a Vor'cha style Sci ship - but the fact is they are not going to make one(most likely)

And it is simple business - why make ship B which cost the same as Ship A - if Ship A will sell 10x as many??

There is just no way a business which has to report to shareholders can justify selling something when they know they could sell something else for the same input resources and get 10x the return.

PWE and its shareholders don't give a rats ass if KDF players are pissed off about not getting a ship unless they can put up the same money as the Fed side does.

There is NO fairness in Capitalism - only Money
I'd like that as well, a KDF sci ship besides a Fleet version, a carrier, or the Varanus.

I'm not arguing the point of the KDF not getting the ship because of the overused reason of 'not fiancially viable' at all. We've all heard it a hundred times before.

All I'm saying with this thread is that Feds have nearly any ship for any choice of playstyle, sans the cruiser with a Lt. Cmdr sci (btw Timelord, love that Ambassador layout).

I suppose in a way, I'm saying they should get this new ship so that way this circle is complete, and they will need no more ships.

So again, not really about the lack of KDF ships.

If you do wanna look at it from a pure money perspective, the same thing can still apply though:

They're running out of 'niche' rolls to fill, which means fewer ideas (without going into some really out there kind of ships, like as a random example...Cmdr Engineer, Lt. Cmdr science, Lt. Tac, Ensign tac).

Fewer ship ideas for the C-store (not counting lockbox ships) means less potential sales for the C-store, and less money. They'd have to either start making ships with really different BOFF and console layouts along with new console powers, or something along those lines. Yes, is takes time to make them, but they only make em if they think they will sell (just look at the Vesta, you know that well enough, Levi).

It might be work they may not wanna do though, and just skip making new ships (again, skipping lockbox ones) all together.

Maybe I'm confusing myself on all this. *shrug* Still, I do stand by my first point, of that Feds have nearly any ship role they could want.

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