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defiant R/qin

the defient was the best escort for a wile, even with its undesirable ens had the best turn and a cloak, and is still a competent ship even today. it shares the station setup with the qin, and wile its not as good a ship stat wise, this build fits both of them. with all the rep system passives, you cant just unload DHC damage and hope to kill anyone, you need a closer. a reliably one is a DBB with BO, torps are much more tricky to make effective. im not going to recommend BO3 here, it appears to not benefit from acc mods or any acc bonuses. BO2 can hit at about 30K with a crit pretty easily, thats likely going to be plenty most of the time.

3 DHC, 1 DBB, 3 turrets

TT1, BO2, APO1, APO3

EPtS1, EPtS2

station power long form here

the 2 APO are your get out of jail free card, they let you shrug of anything from a tractor beam to warp plasma, and increase your speed and defense greatly. wile those 2 are cooling down. its basicly insane to not run 2 APO on an escort, and APO3+crf 2 will give you higher spike then CRF3+APO1. when you use BO, i recommend using an EPS console, it will recharge all the energy BO uses quicker, so your other weapons are firing at a higher energy level and dealing more damage.


borg deflector
borg engine
maco shield


2 turn, 1 EPS

borg, cloak

4 energy type consoles


evasive maneuver cooldown reducing conn doffs, shield distribution doffs

this ship is best at hitting and running, stacking all buffs and then decloaking and firing it all at someone, if your lucky you can all but 1 shot someone with the heavy cannon fire and BO. the shield distro doffs will give you an extra shield heal to allow you to tank longer, and being able to use evasive maneuvers more often will let you speed tank, get good position, and GTFO when needed without having to wait. trying to control such a speedy ship and use it effectively will do much to improve your pvp skill.
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