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Originally Posted by quiiliitiila View Post
So, Snipe, what would your perfect Jupiter be? What would you like to see the ship released as? What abilities? What weapon slots?

Me? I'd like to see a 2/2/2/2 dreadnought carrier with 2 hanger bays. Gimme LT Comm tac, Comm Eng, lt comm sci and Lt eng.

Yeah, possibly OP, but it'd be fun

My Ideal? Hm..... I'd like to see a 4/4/1/1 Dreadnought Battleship with 4 Engineering, 2 Science, and 4 Tactical Consoles.

And for Boff Layout? Cmdr Eng, Lt. Cmdr Universal, Lt. Universal, Lt. Eng, Lt. Tac

Not Op by today's standards But it'd still be fun Decimate Borg with.

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