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11-01-2012, 11:49 PM
Thinking back to what you said earlier about my RSV build actually got me thinking about my Star Cruiser build - in regard to having EWP2 on it. He's got 0 in Particle. So it's doing wee damage - just the snare. Would it be better to perhaps switch that out? It's come in handy for the snare when somebody decides to sit on my butt... but... meh.

Maybe move RSP2 tp RSP3? Then one of the AtB1's to AtB2? Then a case of adding either another EPtS or ET? Maybe even another DEM?

It feels weird flying without AtS - but I'm not sure how that shared CD would throw off the dual AtB's?

I'm definitely more comfortable flying SV or Escorts... so I appreciate the patience with some of these questions.

edit: Lolkay, two DEMs is a no-no. The 2 min CD on the first one triggered finishes before the triggered shared 45 second CD on the, meh. Oh well.

edit: Man, this is rough. Even a triggered shared CD of 15s results in problems. TT and ET for example. W/O AtB - you just trade them off TT-15s-ET-15s-TT. W/ AtB - you're still eating the 15s. Sure, you're pretty much near the choice of selecting which one as if you hadn't triggered one - but as soon as you trigger one, you're waiting 15s again. I suppose it gives you the option of whether you need TT or ET - but you're trading off the ability to TT - lil wait - TT - lil wait - TT. I suppose the option of having TT or ET like it provides is a good thing, though. I'm going to back and read the post about AtB again...

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