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11-01-2012, 10:50 PM
I'd gladly take a souped up bird of prey as the kdf vesta.

A heghta looking hull but almost the size of a raptor... Three versions

Tac version

+ 1 tac console slot
+1 forward weapon slot at the loss of one rear slot. (5/2)

Unique consoles:

Double bonus to Atk from cloak console. Passive ability

Science version

+ 1 sci console slot
No power bonus to weapons, instead power bonus is +10 engine +10 aux

Unique console:
electronic warfare console. Gives high bonuses to jam and scramble sensor stats passively. Active ability: holo matrix camouflage ( ship camos as enemy ship type like in that romulan episode of st enterprise)

Engineering version

+1 eng console slot
Cruiser like hull hp but 25% slower speed than other two versions

Unique console

Subspace disruptor. A tachyon beam like weapon that disrupts target ship engines and engineering based abilities (triggers timers to max). Engine disruption cuts turn rate in half and sped in half. Lasts 10 seconds.