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Originally Posted by dalnar83 View Post
VirusDancer, why don't you play nebula as cruiser instead ?
I had been taking a hard look at the Nebula for some time now. I kind of stopped looking when they released the stats for the Vesta. I would have had enough zen for one by next weekend...but I had a "Gotta Get A Bug" moment and blew through all my Zen - sans bug. I did get an awesome Purple DOFF that increases the number of shuttles launched by Boarding Party! /mehgag

Didn't want the bug to fly - wanted it to sell - but oh well.

I liked some of the decent builds out there for the Nebula - and I liked some of the flaky stuff that I tend to do that I could have done.

I might try to grind my way to one - Hell, I might even break out the wallet for one... even though I hate that idea on so many levels...

...but still, with the Vesta there - it pseudo killed my desire for one.

I've said it a few times, but as more and more discussion about S7 has taken place - I've found myself in limbo.
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