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Hmm, nice set of ideas, what do you think about:

Tac: Cloaked Heavy Plasma Mine - A large, cloaked mine that detonates only on command from the deploying ship (or after 45 seconds). Explosive force of the mine reaches out 6 km and ships caught in the blast radius are left with a powerful damage over time debuff (functions like the ground Eng kit ability).

Eng: Automated Support Satellite - A fully automated support satellite, equipped with a Hazard Pulse Emitter; repairing all craft within 5km of the satellite over time and clearing all hazard debuffs.

Sci: Exothermal Blast Shutters - What you said

3-set bonus Enhanced CIC - The latest warships in the Imperial fleet have the benefit of experienced Flight officers brought in from previous carriers, allowing for improved coordination and performance of the carrier's strike craft.
  • +50% Accuracy, Defense, Speed and Weapon Damage for To'Duj/S'kul fighters
Oh please make it so!