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Originally Posted by turbommx1 View Post
Id almost consider making all of the sets (omega, honor guard and maco) just have the basic 10% to all resist. That way it screws all energy types equaly


I think that is a great idea. would be a really balancing factor in PvP. It could even be coded exactly the same way into all the sets (include Aegis, Breen etc.) and all the sets would have more usages. It seems to me like they did a great job of making all these types of equips differnt and interesting, but dropped the ball with the huge plasma resist to the STF shields. (and not scaling the other great sets up to MK XII)

(an another note to the devs: Thank you so much for making the Honor Guard sets available to feds. That alone is going to drag my Fed Tac Captain back into STFs. I was honestly very disappointed with the MACO Ground set weapon, set together is nice otherwise, but if I can carry a Honor Guard Rifle as my second gun that will be an amazing setup! Also am drooling over the thought of my Armitage with the Honor Guard Space set .... he he he he he he)

((could also make the (borg) proc also apply to any PC regardless of race and suddenly the STF Weapons including plasma become VERY relevant to PvP))

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