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Originally Posted by drkfrontiers View Post
Great stats, why did you settle on a ship with a distinct pivot point issue? Why not the Vor'cha?





Exothermal Blast Shutters active

Its a marriage between three iconic designs - Vor'cha, K'Tinga, & Raptor

Some console ideas:

TAC: Ty'Go'Hor Incursion Strike Team - summons a Fleet support vessel without any hull damage restriction at any time.

ENG: Exothermal Blast Shutters - KDF version of Ablative armour except that torps/ mines are unaffected.

SCI: Cloaked Sonic Cluster Mines - Mines cannot be targeted. 3 sec to activation. Similar effect to CPB with proc to cause subsystem targeting.

3-set bonus - Innate Rapid-fire HYT Hybrid Polaron Torpedo (Similar to the D'Deridex torps just faster )
Holy crap...I don't know what that model is, but it looks cool as hell. I'd love to see that in-game!