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Seriously, at this point of time in the game I feel it almost as mocking the KDF, not intentionally I'm sure (at least I hope so), but it just comes off to me as "here's a little food for your dog bowl".

It's almost like an abusive boyfriend that keeps getting his girlfriend to come back by telling her that he's change, only to be nice for a couple of days and then go right back to the neglect and abuse.

I just feel the KDF has been slapped in the face one too many times (certain times a lot more obvious than others).

Also, if the KDF are to be joined with the Feds(Which I am really against) I think cross faction ships should be the ultimate grind-for ships, meaning it should take a Fed about a year to get a KDF ship - I'm not joking either, they should have to do so much work that it almost discourages them to do it.