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11-02-2012, 12:37 AM
Originally Posted by pvehero View Post
Uhm... besides the +100 rep boost (that has a very long CD as far as I heard), what will change with s7?

Only thing I can see is that very infrequently someone may boost their sci skill by 100, but still 4 out of 5 heals will be just they way they have been for months.
Well, I suppose saying 'shield heals in season 7' was kind of an accidental misdirection on my part, and really shouldn't have included it in the title, looking back now.

Aside from that rep boost, I don't believe anything is changing in season 7 really regarding shield heals.

I mostly just brought it up because of having potentially such large amounts of shield emitters could have some very powerful shield heals in PvP, both to teammates and to yourself.

Again, maybe I'm just over thinking or over reacting to something that might not really make that much of an impact at all on anything.