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Originally Posted by ehgato View Post
1st sry for mi english.

Realy sry maybe i need a lot more of practice with mi english.

Mi intention is not match a escort or overpower a escort.

I only wish a more effective crucier to fly with, and a think what the cruciers most cover the role of bomber i give up the +5 to wep and aux for more competive torpedos

and be honest what can do a crucier with only a Lt tac or Lt + ens tac. this is what the fans of TNG get and if u are a follower of the galaxy class like mi yuo only get a Lt tac for a Flag ship ok i pay for a glaxy X and what i get a Lt + ens Tac ( the posibility of load DHC is only cosmetic with only 6? of turn rate....

is mi opinion dont want ofend any one.
thats where your true disappointment lies, not with cruisers in is that specific ship. If you want a potent cruiser get another one!
the galaxy is the weakest ship dmg wise, it is only good for support or tanking (not even tanking in my opinion)
get a more offensive cruiser (excelsior, regent, tac oddy) and all you wish for is there.

most cruiser threads aren't even about cruisers in general, they are about how weak the galaxy is, and honestly i agree...but please, leave that ship alone and do not generalize cruisers based on that one ship.
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