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11-02-2012, 02:57 AM
Great, I'm looking forward to the rewards: Just two questions:

1) So the stats of the vesta can be put in a Dev Blog, so people buy Zen, and will go live with season 7. Who wants to bet that the highly necessary balance pass won't make it to holodeck because the devs are to busy with Seaons 7 prepations, and the patch couldn't possibly delayed just because of on ship, and its negative impact on PvP. Well done Cryptic, while it is possible to prematurely set the Vesta stats in stone, and add a little *subject to change notice....

2) It is impossible to do the same for the dilithium conversion rate of the Borg gear, that we were promised btw. When that is under discussion giving the current numbers is out of the question. Maybe doing so on tuesday when S7 goes live on wednesday will make sure less people have time to convert their stuff.

What is this mockery??
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