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Other bugs / issues on New Romulus;

Logged in as Klingon char and went to the 1st Romulan NPC (and got the intro tour cutscene, which is something that did not activate on my Fed char automatically) and then spoke to the klingon General K'vera who gave me the Federation text...

As mentioned above the historian npc gives doff missions that do not work.

The red alert is on a random timer? It triggered a couple of seconds after one had just finished then nothing for a few minutes then two in short succession again?

The purple things when your returning them to their mother get stuck in the rocks, design or bug? Only appears to be the rocks near the entrance where the mission completes.

Slightly off topic for this thread but finally got to test out The Hive, where the Queen mocked us with "Taunt text two here". Scary stuff.