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I think the OP doesn't have a problem with filling 20 slots, but with the design (fail?) of assignments showing up illogically.

While some players say that they don't get the alien artefact assignment at all or other nice ones, I don't have such problems. However... A few examples of my own I find odd. Just a few...

Strike against fugitive network... Appears usually 24 hours after it's done. But sometimes I need to wait 48 hours (yes, I browse all sectors for it!).
Very Rare instigate defection is not very rare at all. It's not rare, it's probably uncommon as I'm seeing it every few days unlike BoFF recruiting very rares and such. On this however I'm not complaining, I'm complaining why others like BoFF recruitment are not more frequent? Also in two months of playing I've seen (and done) Ferengi cultural exchange only - ONCE. It was marked as ultra rare, but probably should have been marked as "near impossible to get".
A rare that behaves like ultra rare is Jem Hadar stash in Zenas Expanse. In 15 days I've seen it appearing only once.
A rares that behave like uncommon ones are Earth, Vulcan and Andoria asylums. They are probably rare in sector space, but on the land (of corresponding planets) they appear every couple of days. Again, as we get a mass of useless refugees because of the stupid design, those three frequent asylums are not a bad thing, but why are other asylums "rarer" then?
One of assignments mentioned in previous posts... Inspect freighter... Um... How come it actually has a cooldown at all? What, there is only one suspicious freighter in the whole universe daily and we can inspect only that one?

And I could write more.
Dunno how, but there is no real "standard" cooldown that would apply to all common, uncommon, rare and very rare assignments - again I feel, it's pure luck and yet another critical miss in design where everything in the game is plain random and just another case of gambling. I'm more and more asking myself why am I still playing this game as I'm not a gambling junkie (devs probably have a gambling addiction so they can't understand what am I talking about here).

And too add to willy's post... The aid in military zone with 20 hours duration that requires three nurses (green ones with resolve will still crit it often) is not the only great frequent assignment to "grind" cxp. There is "establish listening zone" assignment in every nebula/expanse you've colonized also easy to crit with just green doffs (with good traits).

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