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11-02-2012, 05:19 AM
Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
Don't forget in a couple weeks KDF gets something they Raged 50 pages deep a few weeks back - Feds having MACO shields and the rumor of getting plasmonic leech

well now they get MACO shields and plasmonic leech - when the feds were going to "supposedly get it - it was going to be game breaking and they were all going to quit

But now that the KDF gets it I don't hear any more "game-breaking" rants about it from those KDF players???

Guess its ok for KDF to be OP - but not Fed - or its a full on KDF rant fest.
Yes, Levi3 its exactly the same was the Fed rant when the temporal ships came out and the Feds were all "OH my G@d! No! The KDF ship is waaaay too OP, because it has the cloak".

Now the Feds get a waaaay better Vesta than ANY OTHER SHIP EVER DESIGNED and the Feds are quiet as mice discussing builds and laughing their arses off.

Sound familiar?