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11-02-2012, 06:35 AM
Originally Posted by stevehale View Post
Neither side is perfect but for what it's worth, I have to give the potential cheese edge to the KDF for the moment. Right now Leech is everywhere, Aceton Assimilators do things they shouldn't, Siphon Drones are ridiculous, Intercepters proc like mad and energy drains stack too well. That's without even mentioning Viral Matrix + Doffs and the fact that you can safely Tric mine the respawn point.

All that being said, not everyone flying KDF is doing this. Unfortunately some of these things are so out of control that it can be hard to determine who is douching it up and who is just benefiting through the luck of the draw in queues. Flying KDF side with people who run these things makes me feel dirty but flying Fed side against them leaves me feeling violated.

I hate how negative I've become over this game that has so much potential. There is a lot of serious meaningful work to do but Cryptic is so busy throwing out poorly designed garbage. They need to fix PvP and then get back to work on bridges or bundles like the DS9/Defiant pack. That looked awesome and I doubt my Galaxy Class/TNG pack is going to break PvP.
I don't agree with you. Generalisations like this infuriate me.