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11-02-2012, 06:50 AM
Originally Posted by canis36 View Post
And here I thought you were going to suggest a set bonus that enhanced your seperated saucer by giving it the ability to use Antimatter Spread. Bah..
The saucer already does that when separated if you have antimatter spread.

Originally Posted by canis36 View Post
In seriousness this would be a pretty neat thing to see and limiting it to the Exploration cruiser line is a nice idea. Still, I'd like to see it reworked a smidge so that it doesn't make an ungainly, slow ship even more ungainly and slow. I mean my experience with the Galaxy (at Captain level) is that it's even more difficult to turn and use effectively than the Bortasqu which itself makes the Odyssey look nimble.
Sure engine drain for this ability would be a drag, but there has to be a tradeoff in the proposal I'm making. And saucer sep already makes the Exploration cruiser turn fast. But even without that, the Exploration cruiser does indeed turn faster than the Bortasqu.