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11-02-2012, 08:33 AM
Aye I did and I have to apologize to the monkey's of the world about the remark. No need to disrespect them.

From my pov he is a huge waste of space and a drunk, useless in a conversation and totally unintelligible. If he is canon and a saint to you go for it ..different strokes for different folks. Not everyone is a trekkie who plays this game.

Out of 5 pages of replys no one has clarified what a Latinum trader is or does.

Can someone get past the dofus canon saint at the end of the bar and supply the parameters/job(s) of the Latinum traders?

I am not a Trekkie and I call the NPCs as I see them. We will not provide this "Special" for the Fleet just because of the guy at the end of the bar is a canon or saint to the Trekkies of the world. IF the so called "Specials" are useful to the Starbase then we will add them to the Fleet Dil drain. We also have Trekkies in our Fleet and we have agreed that only useful "Specials" will be added to our Fleet. Even they are questioning this and the last "Special" for the Federation.

We did not do the fishtank and it looks like we won't do this one either, unless the Latinum traders are useful.