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I want to see the opinion of the pvp community about following:

A few seasons ago, the power system consoles (like the field emitter or plasma distribution manifold) were nerfed to give only half the amount of additional system power. This was done because in those times, power levels were very important, and the consoles were regarded to be too strong. However, things have developed with the seasons after this nerf.

Nowadays, DPS and heal strength / frequencies have increased. Also, resists are far more important now. And together with all the new p2w consoles, there is simply no room for these consoles what so ever. Prices on the exchange confirm this, as they are ridiculous low.
Purple MK XII give now +4 power.

I would propose that this is doubled again to +8. People who slot it actual benefit again from the extra power, while having to make compromises by leaving out other good consoles. Also with the coming changes on the borg retro set, and less people expected to use them, good additional power can be useful. It increases the possibility to make highly specialized builds.

Why these consoles exist anyway if nobody uses them.