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11-02-2012, 08:28 AM
Originally Posted by nynik View Post
Buy yourself some time Lux with a gravity well on those probes. If you can tank and heal fine, then it may be a case of your trying to cover too many aspects to the detriment of them all. Do you need to be healing? Do you need to be tanking? You seem to be in a situation where you need to be dpsing probes (that don't need to be tanked or healed).
Tanking comes with great healing abilities xD I don't need to be tanking but a lot of Escorts have less DPS than my Engie. Ok, one point in Treat Control helps., but still :-P

But you are right, I should get some CC in my Cruiser and change that Aceton Beam to EWP.
I got APB and 2xTT. And an Harp'eng Torpedo. Should I switch to a Quantum Borg Torp and HY1?