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Originally Posted by nynik View Post
... and people wonder where this 'broken promises' cycle starts. Right here, not with Cryptic Devs.
Wrong. Its starts exactly with the Cryptic Devs.

When the Devs (or in this case Cryptic owner) state that, " If the players want it, we will make it for them" and in the recent case of Dstahl stating, " Season 8 is going to have some focus on the KDF...", those are implied promises that what they state will happen and when it does not happen those statements are broken.

So I wait to see if S8 actually has some focus on the KDF and if it does not happen, I consider the Devs to have broken a promise.

If I say to you, " I will meet you in three days with a cold beer to quech your thirst." and then do not show up, I have broken a promise. Same thing here.
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