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11-02-2012, 08:49 AM
At one point in time, it was proposed that Elite STFs not become available until a player reached Tier 3 in the Omega Reputation. However, we decided not to pursue that option due to a few speed bumps we ran into:

- It would be difficult to allow for the 'grandfathering' of existing players. Setting it up, and determining the cutoff point, and all that. Finding a fair solution to allow for this was impeding the design process.

- Advancing in the Reputation system has hard time gates, but players can potentially learn faster. Meaning that an intelligent and well-prepared player may be fully Elite-capable in far less time than it might take to unlock Tier 3 Reputation (or even Tier 2).

- It could have led to queue confusion, as well as social roadblocks that could prevent friends from playing together.

- Limiting the content available to players is just a questionable philosophy of design in general, and should only really be done out of necessity. Generally speaking.

Ultimately, it was decided that such a restriction would not help players, or the system as a whole, sufficiently to warrant attempting to overcome these obstacles in time for the launch of Season 7.
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