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Originally Posted by hroothvitnir View Post
Space red alert a bit on the easy side. Give their big ships an AOE or cone disable to keep the players thinking.
Tholian "Tarantula" Dreadnoughts have:

- The ability to launch fighters
- A beam-enhance ability that is a combo of Fire-at-Will and Subsystem Targeting : Weapons that can hit up to 10 nearby targets (2 at a time, per burst)
- Heavy Disruption Torpedoes (drain Weapons & Engines energy)
- Subspace Snare, which will put you in the firing arc of....
- ... a "Web Cannon" that is similar to the Scimitar's Thalaron Cannon, except it deals a smaller amount of damage. However, if hit, you will be ensnared (Held, Disabled) and take DOT damage for several seconds afterward.

If you're not experiencing those abilities, then we may have AI issues at play.
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