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11-02-2012, 09:01 AM
I'm going to go ahead and post this here, for those that are still going off about the Vesta without really thinking about it:

Quite frankly, I'm not impressed with this thing. In the end, no one in their right mind is going to actually slot all of the consoles on this ship because, just like the Odyssey, you'll gimp yourself far, far too much by doing that in return for a few abilities (That I can only assume, probably quite accurately, will all be on fairly high cooldowns, considering what they are) that will never make up for what you could slot in their place. The Phaser Lance isn't integral, as on the Dreadnaught, so its automatically bad on its own (When its integral you don't lose anything by using it). The Fermion console likely won't be anything special other than being an AOE heal (that again, will likely be on a high cooldown and likely won't last long). And the MWFA console likely won't be anywhere near as effective as it sounds.

Out of the three consoles, only the Fermion and MWFA would be the only ones to ever be seriously considered, and only because they could possibly be able to be justified to take the place of a better console.

And as for the rest of it, its basically what the Fleet Odyssey should/could be, with the difference that it can slot cannons and is a science semi-carrier. Low weapon power, only 3 weapons fore and aft (meaning its all cannon or you may as well slot beams, meaning low weapon power gets worse), and the best variant for DPS being a poor man's Temporal Destroyer, all results in a very weak, very squishy ship that can fart pets and throw Sci abilities around.

Its powers are so all over the place that very few builds will actually make efficient use of it all without forcing it to adhere to something that honestly, a lot of other ships can do far better. Escorts will do FAR better DPS, and Cruisers will tank far better. It might outclass a lot of science ships, but Sci in general is all over the place atm (and for that matter quite weak), so throwing another square in a box of circles and triangles isn't going to change much.

All in all, I think people are severely overblowing this ship because they can't recognize the difference between advertising and actual abilities. It's easy to make a ship seem OP when its accompanied by clear red flags (that I can't blame anyone for catching, like Cannons and the Hangar) and such a tantalizing advertisement that almost makes this ship sound like its one of the NPC Super Ships that are meant to copy the awesomeness of ships out of the shows. IE, the REAL Enterprise rather than the less than stellar original Galaxy or Sovereign that we get to fly.

EDIT: I would also imagine with virtually everyone going off their rockers over this ship that it'll get nerf-bombed anyway, so all in all, not worth the buy no matter how you spin it.