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Originally Posted by bareel View Post
{snip} Instead I would recommend that a loot bag drops for every player with the same loot table (sans techs) that we get now at the end of an STF.

Tau Dewa Sector/Daily
These missions are well designed and fun. They also have very little reward aside from the marks. Players are used to getting 480 dil for killing 5 groups of enemies and with this we get less than 50 and 10 marks which seems low to me. Would it be game breaking to allow each of the 'mini missions' to reward between 50-250 dilithium for each in addition to the daily? This is no more than what a doff assignment rewards. This would also encourage me to continue playing them after I finish off the romulan reputation grind.

S6 Fleet Mark Missions
It seems the new standard for Queue content is that of double rewards. STFs will give dil and marks. Romulan gives two types of marks. I think this would be a great time to add a small dilithium reward to the fleet mark missions to encourage their play. Actually I just got struck with an idea of pure genius from this!!!

Remove all Dilithium costs from fleet projects. Replace them with a 'Fleet Unreplicatable Material' cost where each of those items represents say 500 dilithium and allow them to be purchased for that cost. Then have those items drop in the Fleet Mark missions! That would rock!
I like all of these ideas... immensely.

The biggest complaint I hear from people is the removal of all optional drops in STF's.

I also like the idea of adding small dilithium rewards to other missions... it give people an incentive to play new content, and can be seen as a bonus (a little PR never hurt anything). As Bareel recommends, it doesn't have to be huge gobs of dilithium...

I'm not sure what the Fleet Unreplicatable Materials will bring, other than a new step to take before donating. I'd rather see just a small dilithium bonus from the Fleet Marks events.
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