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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
At one point in time, it was proposed that Elite STFs not become available until a player reached Tier 3 in the Omega Reputation. However, we decided not to pursue that option due to a few speed bumps we ran into:

- It would be difficult to allow for the 'grandfathering' of existing players. Setting it up, and determining the cutoff point, and all that. Finding a fair solution to allow for this was impeding the design process.

- Advancing in the Reputation system has hard time gates, but players can potentially learn faster. Meaning that an intelligent and well-prepared player may be fully Elite-capable in far less time than it might take to unlock Tier 3 Reputation (or even Tier 2).

- It could have led to queue confusion, as well as social roadblocks that could prevent friends from playing together.

- Limiting the content available to players is just a questionable philosophy of design in general, and should only really be done out of necessity. Generally speaking.

Ultimately, it was decided that such a restriction would not help players, or the system as a whole, sufficiently to warrant attempting to overcome these obstacles in time for the launch of Season 7.

there are players with multiple alts that have never played an STF on Alt nr. 5 but are perfectly capable and equipped through the Account Bank to handle Elite STFs.

Not to mention that if you want to run with your friends, but have not unlocked the appropriate Tier yet that would force you to play queue missions... on normal... with PUGs.

That would be a very ALT unfriendly policy.

Not to mention that WE ALL will start at the bottom of the Rep System and would ALL be locked out of Elite STFs in the first few weeks/months. The first players who would get there would be pretty lonely at the Top for a while.