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# 1 Jem'Hadar vs Mobius
11-02-2012, 10:14 AM
Since many players are unsure in choosing between Jem'Hadar attack ship and Mobius Temporal Destroyer, I open this thread for them; write what you think and which you prefer, if possible giving reasons for your choice.

In my opinion, the Jem'Hadar is slightly more powerful than Mobius as DPS ship (5 tac consoles vs 4 and greater weapon system bonus) and turns almost like a shuttle, but may suffer the lack of a liutenant commander science/engineering station and it has a single science console.
So, despite JH can hurt harder, it requires a really experienced captain to grant its survival: this is why I prefer Mobius, I think the balance is the best option.
Besides, Mobius looks greater and is funnier to drive, trust me! I don't like 360? turns by pressing the directional keys for a second too long

Anyway, the choice is yours!
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