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Originally Posted by coffeemike View Post
I have the T5 Defiant so that quad cannon Pulse Phaser cannon also comes in handy with this build... if you have it as well.

I'm looking at this build for mine based on my Heavy Destroyer and swapping out Anti Proton weapons for Phasers.

Bridge Officers

Commander Science: Polarize Hull 1, Hazard Emitters II, Transfer Shield Strength III, Gravity Well III

Lieutenant Commander Universal: (Tac) Torp Spread 1, Torp High Yield 2, CRF 2

Lieutenant Tactical: Tac Team I, CRF 1

Lieutenant Engineering: Eng Team 1, Direct Energy Modulation 1

Ensign Universal: (Eng) EPtS 1

DOFF Assignments

1 Rare Energy Weapons Officer (Cannon abilities)

1 Very Rare Conn Officer (Tac Team recharge)

1 Very Rare Projectile Weapons Officer (Torp Launcher recharge)

1 Very Rare Deflector Officer (Deflector Abilities recharge)

1 Borg Space Tholian (for STFs) or swap out to something else like the Gravametric Officer


Fore: Aux Dual Heavy Phaser Cannon, MK XII Borg Quantum Torpedo Launcher, Quad Phaser Cannons
Aft: Phaser Turret x 2, Quantum Torp Launcher (180 degree arc version)


Rademaker Layout

Tactical: 3 Phaser Relays MK XII Rare

Engineering: MK XII Rare Neutronium armor, Theta Radiation Console

Science: MK XII Rare Shield Emitter Array, MK XII Rare Shield Emitter Amplifier, Borg Universal Console, Tachyokinetic Console

Energy Settings

Priority 1: Aux (25)
Priority 2: Shields (50)
Priority 3: Weapons (100)
Priority 4: Engines (25)

Ship Equipment

Borg Deflector & Engines

Red Matter Capacitor, Subspace Field Modulator, AUX batteries
You left Spacedock without a tractor beam?

An interesting build. Giving me some things to consider. And yes, I do have the T5 Defiant, so the Quad Cannon is available. But I'm not sure if it would apply here or not, as I think the Quad is locked to the escort line.

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