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Originally Posted by valundario View Post
I take Beta dispersal III. 4 tric mines dumping out every 30 sec is not something you can sneeze at. Ive seen a single deployment of them do over 400K damage. dont care what weaps/abilities you replace it with its not gonna do better than that.
Firstly; that's the One-Crits-All-Crit bug.

Secondly; tagging your targets with APB3 prior to a DPB2 will do more damage than DPB3 on its own.

There is an argument for taking [DPA3/DPB3 + APB2] over [DPA2/DPB2 + APB3], but it's a purely selfish one since whenever you use higher tier DPXs you only buff your own Tric damage. Basically, you need to figure out if your launching 4 mines instead of 3 every 30 seconds is worth the enemy taking 10% less damage from all sources.

If you're able to leverage those 4 mines reliably (e.g. you're kitted up with Tricobalt Tactical consoles and able to remain within a few KM of whatever you're shooting at) and your teammates' damage output is completely rubbish, then yes, it could be a better option. But if you're flying with competent players and/or at any real range, you're probably not going to see much benefit.

That said, I've two builds that make use of Tric mines - an Armitage and an Orb Weaver - and I've used the higher tier DPX powers to good effect on certain PUGs. (Though I've found that DPX2 is more than sufficient to take out a wing of KASE Probes...)

I'm a firm believer that the "ideal" Tac BOFF setup for a PVE Escort - ignoring Tractor Beams - is a Com/LtCom pairing with TT1x2, TS2, CSV1, CRF2, DPX2 and APB3. The problem is that there are so many other goodies to try and squeeze in too - Grav Well especially, but also Aux2Bat, TBR, etc...

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