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11-02-2012, 11:43 AM
Why do I have the feeling every mmo/mmorpg and such is always being a pain with their "greedy money milking" ways..?

I haven't played for a while, and then get some news from a fleet member saying that STF, etc will all be nerfed.. And I'm wondering.. for what reason? So we do other things for Dilithium and such? Well sorry buy you guys screwed up Ker'rat a long time ago..
Or is it they simply want to milk our money to get Dilithium and such?.. (Not going to work.......)

I don't see how all those nerfings and such improve the game at all.. it's only good for those that are able to pay for zen and such.. but for those that can't, it's only getting screwed harder.

But seriously.. stop making useless updates just to nerf stuff and make it harder for people.. start making updates to improve items.. for example all the end-game gear.. (said by others in-game) the borg ship equipment is almost better then maco/omega.. start improving the stats on the omega/maco gear..

Oh well.. each their pathetic was of running a game I guess..

I'd like a honest answer of what cryptic.. is actually trying to improve.. give me some examples.. or leave it be at failure.. from a staff member or player.. throw me your opinion on what you believe them to be improving or such.

No offence.. and sorry for any "mean" or "offensive" words.. wanted to post it like other people said it.

(Don't care if you reply all angry or try to be negative or whatever.. I won't even bothering to read your reply/quote then..)