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# 1 Precision Strike - Take a look
11-02-2012, 10:58 AM
Who we are.
Starfleet Precision Strike Unit was founded on stardate: 89955.25. By Fleet Admirals Woodcock & Fryer.
The Fleet is aimed at people of all nationalities, genders, ethnicities and orientations across the globe, whether experienced or new and looking to develop & become a quality player. We are focussed more on quality rather than quantity and for that reason we are affiliated with the United Fleet Coalition which helps us to give even more quality teaming options.

What we got.
We have a lot of resources to offer members from experienced help in specing your ship as well as weapons & consoles , a very well provisioned fleet store, help improving your crafting skills and developing combat tactics if wanted.
All are welcome as long as they have a friendly personality and a willingness to help others and help progress the fleet fairly.

What we do.
We run regular Fleet Mark Mission, Elite STF's and have simple to follow guides available for any members who want them. We also team up for Defra Invazion Zones, Nakura Prime & Vault runs and other events that come up. Some of our members also enjoy the odd bit of roleplay and others dabble in the Foundry.

What we look for.
Despite being a smaller fleet we have are already 3/4 of the way to a tier 4 Starbase and continue to push forward at a good pace.
Our focus is to have fun as a fleet but also to work hard towards developing our progress. As we all know the Starbase system is costly to keep projects running smoothly, so as long as your someone who likes to help out as much as they can you will fit right in.

What you can get.
For those with proven abilities, whether combat or people skills there is pleanty of room for advancement on the chain of command and rewards.

We like to chat.
We have our own private Ventrilo server available for all members whether it is to coordinate STF's, PVP, missions as well as role-play or to simply hang out and chat among friends. Vent use is optional, some of us use it some don't it is not a big deal.

What next.
If you have any other questions or better still would like to join us please pvt or mail @alanwoodcock, @hicks451, @trobil or @alexa01 in game and we will be happy to help.

Thanks for reading.
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