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11-02-2012, 11:00 AM
Vesta (science)
3 tac 2 eng 5 science (+15 aux)
AoE Multi-Heal + boost to particle generators

Vesta (tactical)
4 tac 2 eng 4 science (+10 aux +5 wep)
Death Ray (probably significant power, but not a spinal lance)

Vesta (engineering)
3 tac 3 eng 4 shield (+10 aux +5 shield)
Anti-Control + Reflect Kinetic (torps, mines, repulsors, cutting beam probably all included)

Console Set:

-2 consoles: Faster Slip Stream (only useful for travel unless using all 3 consoles)

-3 consoles: Paladin Style Immunity Bubble (immune to damage since Aux will likely be at 125, can't attack except ramming speed, more than likely)

-3 console slots taken up by the set (same issue with Oddy)
-mutual cooldowns for all effects (probably 2 or 3 minutes otherwise its kind of moot to use more than one console).

-3x DHC that run off Aux power
-the 3 console shield works off of aux power
-Many Boff/Player abilities are maximized by aux power
-Hangar Bay
-Standard Science ship abilities such as sensor scan and system targeting
-Crazy tanking/healing potential, especially where shields are concerned

Face Value Review:

In one word: Potential. This ship has tons of potential to work exceedingly well in many ways, and I could see myself piloting a very tanky science version with nice fire power and crazy shield strength (paratrinic or reman shields, with shield strength consoles, just for the fun of it). On the other hand, the tactical version could be a shiny new Galaxy-X replacement, moreso than the Chimaera. The main downside are the gimicks and just how useful they might be compared to normal consoles, and all the drain to the aux system could be major unless you spec or equip some EPS boosts. There will also be quite a few things to manage at once, with the hangar bay and science ship abilities, as well as the standard skills. In the right hands this will be an insane ship, otherwise with all the things that could weigh it down, most of them you'll face will be fairly challenging to standard, pretty much like a lockbox ship or similar counterpart.